gallery Dear Adoption, This is What You’ve Done


Dear Adoption, This is What You’ve Done

You are part of me 

but you don’t define me. 

You chose me

but I didn’t choose you.

You have given me a past of struggles, heartbreak and pain

but you don’t determine my future to repeat my past.

You have shown ignorance from those around me

but you don’t stop me from educating my peers.

You have impacted my worldview

but I continue to see hope.

You have tried to make me victim

but I continue to proclaim victory.

You are strong

but I am stronger. 

So, Dear Adoption,

continue to fight against me

because I will continue fight back.

For too long, Brooke O’Neill let fear dictate her life and it had such a hold on almost every aspect of her being and she knew something needed to change. Brooke had to release her grip on fear and start walking towards bravery. She started to share her story in hopes of doing so, all while processing and healing along the way. Brooke hopes others will be able to acknowledge and embrace bravery throughout their own journeys, creating a community of people who share their brave together. Join Brooke on Instagram and Twitter.


  1. Beautifully written…but so sad that your adoptive experience has made your journey one of fighting and defense against it.


    • I know that I’m not alone in the fighting mentality, but I’ve also chosen to not let that define me. We can all become victors instead of victims!


  2. I grew up thinking I was wierd for my feelings about being adopted/even crazy. I felt, because of this, that I didn’t have a grasp on consensual reality. My parent’s let me know it was not ok to ask any questions about it. So I hid who I really was. Who could judge me if I kept the true me hidden? But then, over time, I forgot who I was. Never too late to work on that needed homecoming!


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