• Do you currently share any stories by others involved in the adoption triad (first mothers and adoptive parents)?

    • No, DearAdoption.com is and will remain a space for adoptees exclusively. While we are excited and hopeful about expansion, our top priority will remain magnifying the voices of the adopted.
  • Does a writer maintain their own copyright for the work they share at DA,?

    • Yes. DA, does not make any claims to the work shared here and our writers maintain their own copyright. The phrase Dear Adoption, is copyrighted and trademarked (official trademark registration pending). We respectfully request our writer’s do not use ‘Dear Adoption,’ beyond this space.
  • Do you turn down any submissions?

    • No, we will not turn down an adoptee who adheres to our Guidelines. In the event a writer needs assistance, we will assist the writer however we can.
  • May I share a DA, piece on another website via reblogging or another avenue?

    • Yes! We want our writer’s to get as much exposure as possible. We fully support sharing and simply request and appreciate DearAdoption.com cited as the original publication with a link included.