Below is a list of Adoptee Podcasts. Podcasts are an excellent resource for those connected to adoption and there is so much brilliance here.

If you are an adoptee with an adoption focused podcast you’d like featured here, please contact us so we can add you to our list.

Adoptees OnHaley Radke

Haley is an adult adoptee experiencing a healthy reunion relationship with her biological father as well as secondary rejection from her biological mother.

Haley desires to connect with fellow adoptees and share their stories. She believes that having deep and meaningful conversations with adoptees will help to spread the truth about the adoption experience. / Read Haley’s most recent DA, piece here.



Adapted Podcast / Kaomi Goetz

Hosted by Kaomi Goetz, ADAPTED is a podcast that explores the experiences of Korean adoptees, from post-reunion stories to living in Korea as adults. Since the 1950s, the Korean government records show more than 160,000 children were sent overseas to be adopted. Many researchers and adoptee advocates believe that number is underreported and is actually closer to 200,000. The experiences of adoptees are as varied and unique to each circumstance; yet we start from a similar starting point: as transnational adoptees from Korea.


June in April / April Dinwoodie 

April is a nationally recognized thought leader on adoption and foster care. As Chief Executive of the Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI), April is committed to improving laws, policies and practices through sound research, education and advocacy. She is also a co-founder of Fostering Change for Children, a progressive nonprofit that helps drive innovation in the child welfare system.


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Adopted Feels Podcast / Hana and Ryan

Did you ever wish there was a podcast hosted by your two best friends who also happen to be adopted from Korea? Omg, this is it! Hana and Ryan, Korean adoptees from Melbourne, Australia, talk about anything and everything adoption related, including race, gender, birth family search and reunion, and more. A little bit silly, a little bit awkward, 100% honest.


Who Am I Really? / Damon Davis

Damon had the good fortune to be reunited with his biological mother in 2009 in a heart warming story of coincidental history, a mutual desire to be reunified, and the pure luck to be able to surprise his biological mother, Ann, for their reunion on her birthday! He always enjoys hearing and sharing the real stories of our lives that makes each of us who we are.

Damon is devoting this program to helping people placed into adoption or who grew up in foster care to explore their own emotions, desires, and questions about reuniting with their biological family by asking others to share their true stories. / Read Damon’s DA, piece here.



Adoption Advocacy Podcast / Francie Frisbie

Francie Ryan Frisbie was born at the Gladney Center, Fort Worth Texas, on December 7, 1984. Francie spent a week at Gladney before her birthmother said a final goodbye, her new adoptive parents picked her up, and she was relocated to Houston. With the creation of this podcast, she hopes to join the movement to change the adoption narrative, advocate for adoptee rights, and help adoptive families build healthy relationships.


The Rambler / Mike McDonald 

This candid, one-on-one style interview chronicles the lives of international adoptees and people’s lives who were touched by adoption, good, bad, and everything in between!


Indiana Adoptee Network News / Pam Kroskie

Pam is the President of the Indiana Adoptee Network and has been part of the adoption community for over 25 years. Pam currently serves as President of both HEAR (Hoosiers for Equal Access to Records) that is participating in the legislative process to change adoptee laws in Indiana, and IAN (Indiana Adoption Network). She has also served as President and Mid-West Regional Director of the National Organization of The American Adoption Congress (AAC). The AAC provided education and support for the adoption community. While serving on the board for the AAC, Pam contributed to the conference committee planning and executing the success of each destination.

The Congressional Coalition Adoption Institute and Indiana Congressman Todd Young awarded Pam the Angel in Adoption Award in 2012. She also received the 2013 Spotlight Award for her Blog Talk Radio show for shining a light on the need for openness and truth in adoption.


Out of the Fog / Kassaye and Pascal

A radio podcast where stories about family, adoption and power intertwine. We aim to break the shame and isolation surrounding the lives of those affected by family separation through frank and open conversation.