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Dear Adoption, is a platform exclusively for those most affected by adoption: Adoptees. Adopted people are the most valuable resource on the subject of adoption and DA, exists to elevate the astounding, noteworthy work of adoptees worldwide. We are reclaiming the adoption narrative by amplifying adoptee voices; so a more honest depiction of what adoption is will emerge.

We believe the best way to address ethics within the adoption industry, properly educate society, and create a better, safer world for future generations of adopted people is through the sharing of our stories.

The feelings, thoughts, and opinions of adoptees ought to be magnified to the extent that ours are the most revered and well received within the adoption community and beyond. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. While there are many experts in the field of adoption, there is no better perspective to consider than that of someone who is adopted.

Dear Adoption, is not intended to promote adoption, but to educate from a variety of adoptee perspectives. DA, provides an opportunity for all adoptees to express their individual views and be heard by society in order to shift the dominant narrative away from non adopted people. Any views expressed here are based on each individual’s experiences.


reshheadshot Dear Adoption, is founded and curated by Reshma McClintock. Reshma is a transracial, inter country adoptee from Calcutta, India. In 2015, she returned to her birth city as the Subject of the documentary Calcutta is My Mother; the film premiered to a sold out audience in Portland, Oregon in 2019 and has screened in 5 additional cities to date. Reshma is personally family preservation focused and works diligently to bring adoptees together and promote their powerful projects so we can all more clearly see the complex nature of adoption and how it uniquely affects all adopted people.


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