DearAdoption.com is a platform for Adoptees promoting authenticity and educating others by sharing a vast array of experiences as lived by those most affected by adoption.

At Dear Adoption, adoptees share their personal lived experiences; any views shared are based on those experiences. DA, primarily exists to elevate the adoptee voice as the dominant voice in the adoption world.

The feelings, thoughts, opinions, and ideas of Adoptees ought to be the most revered and well received in the adoption arena. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. While there are many experts in the field of adoption, there is no better perspective to consider than that of someone who has been adopted.

We believe the best way to address the challenges within adoption, properly educate society, foster change, and create a better world for future generations of adoptees is to magnify the adoptee voice by sharing honestly and without reservation.

Regarding adoption, in general, there are many differing opinions among adoptees. However, as a community, it is crucial we support one another in sharing our own personal lived experiences.

DearAdoption.com has no position on adoption, there is no intent to either promote or impede adoption. DA, provides an opportunity for all adoptees to express their individual views and be heard by society.

AT DA, Adoptees come together for the collective raising of our community voice.


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