• is an outlet for adoptees exclusively. We only publish pieces written by adoptees.
  • By submitting the official form, the writer gives the authorization to post their piece on its site exclusively (for 90 days) and promote accordingly.
  • Writer agrees their piece may not appear on any other site, in social media posts, or in any other publication without crediting as the original publication. After 90 days, your piece may be shared elsewhere citing Dear Adoption, as the original publication including original link.
  • Reblogging via is acceptable, however the writer will include a link to and credit Dear Adoption, as the original publication. 
  • In the event writer receives a request to share their Dear Adoption, piece on another platform (website, blog, magazine, book, counseling/educational materials, pamphlets, etc…) they will contact Dear Adoption, admin to inform and will confirm, in writing, will be credited as the original publication. We want you and your piece to receive as much exposure as possible!
  • If writer is submitting work that has previously been posted/published elsewhere, they must have written permission to share it on and must inform Dear Adoption, Admin the work has previously been shared. Dear Adoption, will consider reprinting previous work on a case by case basis.
  • By submitting your piece you are confirming you have not infringed on any copy rights and the work you present is yours in its entirety unless otherwise noted in your piece. Please be careful to site any references and include links if available.
  • Dear Adoption, is Trademarked and cannot be used without written permission. You, as the writer, own the copyright to your work but not the format: “Dear Adoption,”. We do not own your work and will not prevent you from sharing your work; we simply request and appreciate the courtesy of acknowledging Dear Adoption, as the original source of publication.
  • The act of submitting the Official Submission Form and written piece confirms writer is in agreement with the Dear Adoption, Terms and Conditions stated in the Guidelines.

Structure Guide

  • Title of post must begin in the following format: “Dear Adoption, _______” This will be known as the Title/Tagline and will be included in each post. Writer must be open to changing their Title/Tagline in the event it is already in use or too similar to another post. The Title/Tagline format is a requirement.
  • Body of post can be written in letter/essay form, in list form, or in diary entry form. Letter format means you may write your post as a letter addressing “Adoption” as the recipient or simply share your story in essay/book/blog post form. The Diary entry form requires dated entries throughout your life; each entry addresses adoption and may be used in a series on or combined into one post. You may also share in poetry form which will also require a Title/Tagline.
  • Without written legal permission, writer will not specifically name any person(s) other than themselves in their post.
  • Each piece must not exceed 1,200 words.
  • Writer will not be permitted to slander any organization, business, or person(s) by name.

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