Below is a list of websites/blogs run by adoptees; this list will grow and be ever-changing.

If you are an adoptee and would like your site featured here, please contact us.


Confessions of An Adoptee

Adult Adoptee Support Group

Adoption Reunion Search and Support

Olivia Ramya

All in the Family of Adoption

Confessions of an Adoptee

Inter country Adoptee Voices (ICAV)

Black Sheep Sweet Dreams

A Journey Through the Life of an Indian Adoptee

Land of Gazillion Adoptees

Nicole J. Burton

I Am Adopted

The Goodbye Baby – Adoptee Diaries

All About Me: Memoirs of an Adoptee

Adoptee Restoration

A Birth Project

India’s Lost Daughter

How Does it Feel to be Adopted

No Apologies for Being Me

Diary of a Not-So-Angry Asian Adoptee

The Declassified Adoptee

Adoptees Diary



Lost Daughters

Red Thread Broken

Paveo Consulting and Coaching

Lost Sarees

Opening the Door

Written. by Resh

Grow Beyond Words Psychological Services

Adoptee Rage

My  Mind on Paper

Ola Zuri

A Romanian Adoptee

Sister Wish

The Goodbye Baby – Adoptee Diaries

Neither Here Nor There

Stuckout / A Stroll Through My Mind

The Adopted Life

The Adopted Ones

The Almost Daughter

Adoptee in Recovery

The Adoptee Diary

Harlow’s Monkey

Pushing on a Rope

Through the Eyes of An Adopted Kid

Lee Herrick

American Indian Adoptees

Adopted Out Memoir

Trauma to Treasure

ACT (Against Child Trafficking)

Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Jane’s Blog

Adoption Find

East-West of the Bodhi Tree

Separated Love

A Story with No Beginning: A Late Discovery Adoption Journey

Black Sheep Sweet Dreams

The Life of Von

Adoption: My Truth

Simply Snarky

Dear Birth Mother

Adoption Detective

Reading Writing Living

Life in the Eyes of Me 104

American Indian Adoptees

Karen Picknell

4gotten Adoptee


Forbidden Family

Akin to the Truth: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity

Superman Faith