gallery Dear Adoption, Please Tell Her (My Birth Mother) Part 2


Dear Adoption, Please Tell Her (My Birth Mother) Part 2 / Read Part 1 here

Tell her I’m not angry.
Tell her I don’t blame her.
Tell her I wept for her.
Tell her I hoped for her.
Tell her I missed her.
Tell her my questions are not judgments.
Tell her I’ll be understanding.
Tell her I just want to be seen.
Tell her I want our eyes to meet; are they the same?
Tell her I want to laugh with her; does she get the hiccups when she laughs too hard, for too long?
Tell her my soul has longed for something only she can give.
Tell her I remember her; at least I think my infant self will remember her scent, her voice, her movements.
Tell her I’m scared too, but I’m not scared of her.
Tell her she’s what I want.
Tell her if she wants to weep, we can weep together.
Tell her I don’t care what scars she has acquired over our decades apart.
Tell her I won’t reveal my scars either.
Tell her I survived.
Tell her I’m okay now.
Tell her I know this isn’t easy; it’s hard for me too.
Tell her I’m not here to unravel her life.
Tell her she has 2 beautiful granddaughters; do they resemble her?
Tell her I just want her to be proud.
Tell her it’s okay.
Tell her I want to touch her hand and feel her realness and for her touch to bring me into existence.
Tell her not to be afraid anymore.

Tell her Happy Mother’s Day.

Baby X > Born > Relinquished > Adopted > Removed by CPS > Fostered 6 Times > Aged Out > Educated > Employed > Loved > Married > Now mothering 2 daughters who are protected, cared for, not abandoned & loved. > Waiting for a returned phone call, email, or letter from her first mother


  1. This is the first Mother’s Day where I’m giving myself the space to think about my birth mom. What a powerful and incredibly validating piece. Thank you.


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