gallery Dear Adoption, I Wish I Had Her Freckle


Dear Adoption, I Wish I Had Her Freckle

I got adopted and moved to my new family when I was a baby. I do not remember my mom who had me but I always have the same dream about me being a baby and I can see her hand on my head and her hand has a freckle on her finger. I think that this is my memory coming into my dream. Sometimes I draw that freckle on my finger with a pen and pretend that I’m her and that I’m like her. I wish I had her freckle. I hope that when I grow up I can be like her with my looks and everything but I will not make the same mistake she made when she gave me away.

This piece was submitted anonymously by a 12 year old, East Indian adoptee at a workshop hosted by Dear Adoption,.


  1. Reblogged this on Gazelle's Scirocco Winds and commented:
    What this 12 year old doesn’t know-yet-is that the dream is actually a memory of the mother with the freckle… Science has determined-finally- that infants in utero store up lots of memory and knowledge about their mothers and about not only thein utero environment beyond it, including older siblings, fathers,, grandparents, family pets, and the outdoors unseen but felt and heard… Inch’All;ah this child will find that freckle on his mother’s finger…


  2. Oh little one… hoid tight to your memory for it is no dream. You know your mother from your conception-her heartbeat, her moods, her movements, her voice, her breath and so much more form the months you spent developing in her womb before you were born, and in seeing her after you were born even if for but a split second. You share 50% of her genes passed from her to you … they7 can not be deleted or hidden of taken from you. Keep your memories, for they may well be the key to entrance back into your own family. Your genes will help you even more when you can have them analyzed. Best wishes to you. I hope you find your mother and your family…. never loose hope!

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