gallery Dear Adoption, You Can’t See Me


Dear Adoption, You Can’t See Me

I am happy and successful. 

I have a beautiful wife and three talented sons. 

I love my work. 

I enjoy my extended family. 

I have a busy, but good life. 

I am confident and proud. 

But, Adoption you don’t see me

You only see the appealing aspects of my life and assume everything is okay. 

You cannot see me, Adoption. 

You think you know me; that you created me and deserve credit for that, but you are distorting reality. 

You only see that I built a solid life and, in doing so, apparently gave you permission to ignore that everything I built was constructed on top of an unending void.

You took my foundation away. 

Will my life fall into a sink hole? 

Will you see me then? 

Garry is a husband, father, and business man. He has perfected the art of being a good adoptee by ignoring his desire to search for his family, expressing only gratitude, and by being successful. Secretly, Garry hates being adopted.  

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  1. What a powerful and positive post. I love the tag line “Secretly, Garry hates being adopted”. I know what that feels like. I have made a number of contributions to Dear Adoption, none of which have been used…and none have been acknowledged either. Not feeling heard hurts. Being rejected by the community hurts too.


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