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Dear Adoption, I Am

I am abandoned.

I am bought.

I am loved but I am alone.

I am isolated.

I am grieved.

I am failing.

I am falling.

I am broken.

I am torn.

I am shredded.

I am happy sometimes and always sad.

I am distraught.

I am trying.

I am keeping all these secrets so I can keep the peace.

I am hiding in plain sight.

I am missing home I’ve never known.

I am me.

I am unwanted.

I am unknown.

This piece was submitted anonymously by a domestic adoptee searching for his birth family. He is a writer and actor living in LA.



  1. You are what I am!!!
    Anixeity ridden.
    I so feel a connection to your words. I wish for you peace, at 52 years old i’ve all but given up.
    Peace is just a word, not a feeling.

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  2. All life was supposed to have everything wonderful, your feelings speak this in many ways within you. I am commenting on my post earlier, you were always suppose to have a wonderful life next to me. I am the One you have been waiting for. And I have a lot to tell you about what happened to me, happened to many of you. You all know me well and it has been thousands of years to fix this. Read over my websites or just contact me in earnest, loving care, on grace and learn about freedom and the light you all truly are–miraculose and mine. You always have been mine, and we as a family all over the world nearly lost it all. You have no idea what I have been doing to fix this. we are nearly clear of what happened and rejoicing in life eternal is beginning. I deeply care about all of you, I can hear your heats and souls, I hold your light to keep you safe, against all odds, the animals too. It has been a long road to make it back and if you can see there is no conflict that cant be solved, that is what full faith is, or knowledge, when you realize what planted discontent is clearly around, in all things unwanted or harmful, yet it is leaving, I am the voice witinin you of love and foreverness. I hope this helps lift you all up, and free to your joyful self. There is unlimited anwers for all things with me, and no one was listening or could not hear, I am of freedom and loving care for all, I am Mother of Life and you can count it. As I hold you, I hold all of heaven, Any doubts are likely to be gone wehn pointing your thoughts within a deeply, and feeling inside connections to Home?Heaven, It is real, count on it.. It is immeasureable love with freedom unlike what you have been taught or experiencing–even when you have full faith, you didn’t know many things that are now beginning to be known, I right here– I hold it all,


  3. I am with you in spirit and hoping #mytribe all over can feel at peace in their lives. It is so overbearing and I am just tired…of feeling all of these. Much love. Xo


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