gallery Dear Adoption, I Am



Dear Adoption, I Am

I am abandoned.

I am bought.

I am loved but I am alone.

I am isolated.

I am grieved.

I am failing.

I am falling.

I am broken.

I am torn.

I am shredded.

I am happy sometimes and always sad.

I am distraught.

I am trying.

I am keeping all these secrets so I can keep the peace.

I am hiding in plain sight.

I am missing home I’ve never known.

I am me.

I am unwanted.

I am unknown.

This piece was submitted anonymously by a domestic adoptee searching for his birth family. He is a writer and actor living in LA.



  1. You are what I am!!!
    Anixeity ridden.
    I so feel a connection to your words. I wish for you peace, at 52 years old i’ve all but given up.
    Peace is just a word, not a feeling.


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