gallery Dear Adoption, Take Me Home


Dear Adoption, Take Me Home

I have written this letter as a response to the devastation of separated children from their families in our country. These children and I now have a shared story.

To each child: May you be returned to your home.

I too was separated from my family. A separation from which I cannot recover fully.

How they love to speak of the resiliency of children. Nome of us should be expected to be so resilient that we are okay with being taken from our own family and placed in another.

Our lives disheveled. Broken.




Paralyzing fear.

My new home, my new family may be warm but could never provide enough warmth to mend this loss, to fill this void.

They say I’ll forget.

They say they know what is best.

They say my parents are immoral, ill equipped, criminal, monsters, less than.

I recall they loved me.

I recall seeing myself in their faces, in their skin.

I recall familiarity, comfort, home.

I recall them.

You cannot take my recollection.

Why you are permitted to take me, I do not know.

But you cannot take what I do know.

You cannot take my determination or desperation to search and find.

How dare you attempt to heal the very wounds you inflicted upon me. You place me in a home, in a family that is not my own. They aren’t mine, but more so, I’m not theirs.

You cannot, will not save me.

Take me to the home I know.

Take me back.

Return me to whom I belong.

Please, please take me home.

This piece was submitted anonymously.

Mother & Child painting illustration by Zarina Teli.


  1. I would like to know where my son is When the TN and other states UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP employees moved into my area and took over the schools and library and they took everyones job in a period of time in a calculating manner they had ADOPTION BOOKS In every library and I believe they took healthy normal families and tore them apart by going to court without the parents knowing and taking the child from their parents without a parent present by pretending to be their guardians

    This is what I think Steve and Leslie and John and Elizabeth did all over the country

    I saw the books myself and told the whitehouse my conclusion

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