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Dear Adoption, I’m Happy

I recently reunited with my birth family; mother, father, and two little sisters. It was hard because of the expectations on all sides. My adoptive parents were supportive even though I could tell it wasn’t easy for them. The good thing is that they knew this was about me and didn’t have much to do with them. This was about me.

I will always be happy I got to meet my birth family. I was able to get some answers to questions I’d held onto for years. I was able to get a medical history. I was able to physically see myself in other people for the first time. But that’s where it ended for me. I didn’t feel a connection to this other family. I didn’t feel comfortable with them. I thought there would be a magical spark but there wasn’t really anything.

When I’m with the family who raised me, I know I belong. I feel connected and loved. Being adopted isn’t easy. I still wish I wasn’t adopted but that doesn’t mean I wish I would have grown up with my birth family.

I guess my life could have taken a thousand different turns. I could have been adopted into a better situation or a worse situation. But I’ve only actually lived this life and I’m happy with it.

-This piece was submitted anonymously by a domestic adoptee in the US.

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