arun-300x291 Arun Dohle has worked tirelessly to connect Indian adoptees to their birth families and their personal heritage. Are you an Indian adoptee in search for answers about your adoption, your story, and your Indian roots? Are you looking for your Indian family? Wondering if they can be traced? Read the article below and contact Arun for more information.

20170323_183514-768x432 CRIB – Connected Roots of India – The Backbone (Image via ACT website)




us-citizenshipTopic: US Citizenship / Open Invitation to Contribute to ICAV Perspective Paper


cinderella-200x200What We Lost: Undoing the Fairy Tale Narrative of Adoption, by Liz Latty for The Rumpus



This Woman Has Been Stuck in Korea for Three Years Trying to Get Home to the US Image via Kaomi Goetz / Article via Pri



Korean Mother Awaits a Son’s Deportation to Confess her ‘Unforgivable Sin’ Image via Jean Chung for The New York Times



Adopted Indian Woman Reunites with Biological Father in Bengaluru After 23 Years  via The NEWS Minute


image539848Adam Crapser To Be Unjustly Deported: Support the Adoptee Citizenship Act Now!



India’s Foster Care Revolutionary via BBC World Service



Please don’t tell me I was lucky to be adopted, by Shaaren Pine for The Washington Post



Care With No Care for the Future via The Telegraph, Calcutta India