You Don’t Look Adopted, by Anne Heffron

When you take away the habits of your life, you get to the question of Who am I? And if you sit with that, you get to the question of How far am I willing to go to find the answers? If you are Anne Heffron, someone who had no idea where she was the first ten weeks of her life, you’ll give away almost everything you own, pack what’s left, and head for the city of your birth on a voyage you call Write or Die with the pledge you won’t go home until you find what’s real about yourself.

And that’s when miracles happen.

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DA, Editors Review /// Not only is Anne Heffron witty and wise; she’s sincerely honest in her depiction of what it’s like to be an adoptee. There are several “Aha!” and “That’s exactly how I felt” moments in the pages of her book for many in the adoptee community. She articulates the ways in which being adopted affects each aspect of an adoptees life so well it can only be described as magic. Reading You Don’t Look Adopted will provide insights into the adopted heart in a relatable, truthful, and brilliant way.