The Dear Adoption, Board of Advisors are a group of adoptees; international and domestic. They bring accountability, wisdom, and stability to the foundation of DA,.




Reshma McClintock / Founder

Reshma is an international adoptee from Calcutta, India. She launched Dear Adoption, in November, 2016 after recognizing a need for the amplification of adoptee voices. Reshma is a firm believer the adoptee voice ought to be elevated; that all adoptees should have space to share their personal, lived experiences and be heard.

In 2015, Reshma returned to her birth city for the first time in 35 years as the Subject of the documentary, Calcutta is My Mother; the film is expected to premier in the Fall of 2018. She advocates for adoptees and writes from the home she shares with her husband and daughter in Seattle, WA.



Anna Kim Reilly / Board Member

Anna is a transracial adoptee from South Korea, currently living in Boston, MA. She is deeply involved in the adoptee community, including attending the 2016 IKAA conference in Seoul, South Korea. She is a member of the Boston Korean Adoptees (BKA), mentors adoptee youth and their families through Tufts University, and is an active member of several adoptee related social media forums. In her free time, Anna Kim likes to travel, write, cook and volunteer within the Asian American Community in and around Boston. Anna’s DA, piece is titled Dear Adoption, How Does One Reclaim Home?



Anne Heffron / Board Member

Anne is the author of the memoir You Don’t Look Adopted and the co-writer of the movie Phantom Halo. She blogs regularly about living in the body of a tall, hungry person at Anne’s DA, piece is titled Dear Adoption, You Are Everywhere.



Ridghaus Nln / Board Member

Ridghaus is a birth father, father, and a Late-Discovery Adoptee. After completing a JD, he completed an MA in English Rhetoric as well as an MA in Film. 

For several years, he split time between teaching college courses with working on cable TV shows for National Geographic, Food Network, and Bravo. 

Ridghaus now produces documentaries, including Six Word Adoption Memoirs (6WAM + 6WAM 2017) and teaches the next generation of filmmakers. He also serves on an advisory committee for the OBC2020 Project and builds community amongst those touched by adoption, giving voice to authentic storytellers. Ridg’s DA, piece will be featured on the site soon.



Stephanie Mays Staats / Board Member

Stephanie is an adoptee from New York, born in 1970. She has been in reunion for over a year, which has brought healing for both she and her mother. She is also a natural mother; her daughter born and relinquished in 1990. Their’s has been an extremely open adoption since birth.

Stephanie is the co-creator of Adoption Surveys, founder of New York Adoptions: Uncovering the Secrets search Group, a volunteer search angel, a member of the AZ Adoption Circle, she organizes adoptee/first mother groups throughout the US, and authors the blog Bleeding Hearts: Uprooted and Transplanted by Adoption. Stephanie’s DA, piece is titled Dear Adoption, I’m Trying to Unravel the Mess You Made.


Each board member has their own personal views on adoption. The individual stories shared at DA, do not necessarily reflect the views of any board member.