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Dear Adoption, Hello

Hello Adoption. Remember me? 

How quickly you turned away from me and from the truth. 

You dotted the i’s, crossed the t’s, collected your payment, and erased me from existence – metaphorically, literally. 

You didn’t ask me how I felt. 

You didn’t comfort me. 

You didn’t check on me. 

You didn’t see me. 

You didn’t preserve me. 

I am half a person.

I only half exist despite what you see. 

You see the beautifully crafted exterior I was forced to create. 

You celebrate who you think I am; who you think I am because I am adopted. 

You don’t grieve with me. You don’t feel the loss that lives inside my bones. 

You miss entirely that I am a hollow shell. 

Who I am is void all of the things that matter most. 

To you I am a success story. A beautiful tale of the betterment of one’s life. 

You don’t know me. 

You didn’t then. 

You don’t now. 

I am only half a person and all of me is hollow. 


This piece was submitted anonymously. 


  1. Thank yu . That’s so beautifully written from yur soul , short and to the point ! I’m adopted too , I did my own search reunited with my biological , it was totally sour numb , no telepathy how I felt with family ? and still felt alone😢.

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  2. Let’s do away with adoption. It was invented to fill a need, or rather all sorts of different kinds of needs. There must be a better solution, one that isn’t so damning, so hurtful. I would like to hear some thoughts on healthy alternatives.

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    • I think one better option would be if the birth family live nearby and have ongoing contact with the family that has care of the child. The child can then process everything gradually as they grow, in a way that makes the most sense for them. They child having the freedom and choice to get to know both families from the beginning, whenever possible.

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  3. Adoption is a killer, destroying some of the beautiful qualities within its victims who are then made to go through life damaged and wounded. It must be stopped.


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