gallery Dear Adoption, The Children Have Something To Say…


Dear Adoption, I want to know all my family. I want my blood mom and my blood dad to come see me. I wish we could have Thanksgiving together because there are so many people that love me. -TM, 7 years old

Dear Adoption, It’s good to be adopted. -MM, 10 years old

Dear Adoption, I hope my birth mom doesn’t die before I can find her when I grow up. What if she dies? -OE, 7 years old

Dear Adoption, I really like my family and they really like me. We always say I love you. -JL, 5 years old

Dear Adoption, I don’t like to talk about you because it reminds me I’m sad. -AK, 6 years old

Dear Adoption, You are a funny thing because you make me feel loved and sometimes not loved. BR, 10 years old will not reveal the identity of children under 18. Please see the submissions tab if you know an adoptee who would like to submit their story and/or feelings on adoption.

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